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Title: About Jack Paolini
Post by: Jack Paolini on July 18, 2007, 09:29:20 PM

I am a award winning, self-taught photographer living in Chester County, PA. I enjoy taking pictures of Philadelphia and the surrounding area.  My photographs have been purchased by The Lankenau Hospital, Stonebridge Bank, Lindt Property Management, Union Meeting Corporate Center, Infinity Broadcasting Company, Holiday Inn, Fairmount Partners, and many others.

I like to think I make a picture, not take a picture. I am used to using a Hasselblad film camera with twelve negatives to a roll of film. Each roll takes time to develop so I try to make each picture right. I usually use a tripod not only to steady my shot but mostly to slow down and take time to compose each picture. I always shoot in manual mode, not automatic. I think you can take good pictures in auto mode but to take great pictures you should shoot in manual mode. I have carried over what I learned in the darkroom to photoshop.  I try not to do much manipulation in photoshop because I want my pictures to look like they did in the darkroom.